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Elluminate Live! Academic Edition™s. . .

. . . is the interactive, real-time live Web-based tool that. . .

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And that's just the beginning... 

Screen shot of Academic Edition Add live eLearning to your asynchronous distance education programs, with opportunities for real-time discussion and dynamic interaction. Only Elluminate Live! Academic Edition offers an affordable instruction delivery solution that easily duplicates any learning activity—from lectures and presentations to small group discussions and debates.

Elluminate Live! is powerful but flexible, providing a customized online experience for every student. Reach hundreds of students simultaneously—across town or around the world. So you can enhance learning opportunities for all your students, while increasing your reach and your enrollment. You can even develop online communities and add virtual events, like workshops, seminars, and conferences.

With Elluminate Live!, you can attract and retain qualified instructors, leverage limited teaching resources, and provide professional development. Your instructors can offer virtual office hours for students and enable real-time tutoring and mentoring. And you can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your faculty and staff meetings.

Benefits at a glance 

Install Elluminate Live! on your own server or we'll set you up with a hosted account. Either way, it’s easy to get started, easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to integrate with your own courseware. What’s more, Elluminate Live! can run smoothly from inside existing learning management systems, such s Blackboard, WebCT, eCollege or Moodle. And Elluminate Live! is the most cost-effective live online tools on the market. It's truly usable, useful, and affordable. That's why we recommend it.

Take your online education to the next level. Make the move from text-based content to live interaction, where teaching is more effective, learning more enjoyable, and meeting more productive.

Elluminate Live! is powerful enough to reach hundreds of users simultaneously—across town or around the world. And it even works with multiple platforms. So you can meet with colleagues, regardless of where they are located, and train more people in less time to reduce costs and meet your training objectives.

Experience the difference

Thousands of students at hundreds of academic institutions have experienced the Elluminate difference—technology that empowers learning, deepens understanding, and brings education to remote students, who would otherwise be deprived.

Elluminate Live! uses a proprietary Collaborative Communications Framework (CCF) to ensure all participants are in sync, regardless of their Internet connection speed. This means that you can always tell which page each of your participants is on and it makes it easy to avoid getting ahead of those with slower connections. And Elluminate Live! works on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, Solaris, and Linux.

With Elluminate Live!, you can take the essence of face-to-face learning and apply it to distance learning. Enjoy real-time, online collaboration tools like two-way audio, direct messaging, live Webcam, application sharing, interactive whiteboards, and breakout rooms. The Elluminate Moderator Tools make it easy for instructors to create content, conduct presentations, and track and control participation more effectively.

Academic customers, like Illinois Virtual High School, Johns Hopkins University, and Penn State University, are happy with their results. By implementing Elluminate Live!, they're realizing a significant ROI in money saved and productivity gained. Elluminate Live! Academic Edition™ has proven to be ultimately more effective than traditional distance learning, increasing student participation and performance.

What's Next?

Features at a glance 

Classroom / Conference Room

  • Superior technical foundation
  • Crystal-clear, two-way voice over the Internet
  • Provide superior experience, with no user left behind
  • Shared, interactive whiteboard
  • Instant messaging
  • Application sharing
  • Breakout rooms
  • Interactive quiz and survey manager

Content Development

  • PowerPoint import
  • Private and backup slides
  • Dynamic content creation and editing tools
  • AppSnap™ copy and paste from desktop
  • Record and playback
  • Graphing Calculator
  • Math Symbol Library

Rich Media Content Support

  • Live video via Webcam
  • Multimedia playback
  • Web Tour

Management and Usability

  • Advanced, yet easy-to-use moderator tools
  • Individual bandwidth management
  • Participant status indicators
  • Instant polling
  • Emotion and activity indicators
  • Easy session creation with email invitations

Accessibility and Security

  • Windows, MacOS, Java Desktop System, Solaris compatible
  • Low bandwidth
  • Automatic reconnection to Internet
  • Maximum security with SSL
Applications at a glance 


  • Instructor-led courses
  • Student projects, collaboration
  • Recorded sessions
  • LMS integration
  • Live demos/labs via Webcam

Tutoring and Mentoring

  • Virtual office hours
  • One-on-one instructor or peer-based tutoring
  • Mentoring, from peers or professionals


  • Faculty and staff
  • Administration and operations
  • Idea sharing, brainstorming
  • Course content review and update


  • Web-based or blended onsite/online
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Workshops

Professional Development

  • Faculty and staff training
  • New instruction methodologies, best practices
  • New tools and technology updates and training
  • Polices, procedures dissemination
  • Opportunities for teacher communication, discussion, collaboration

And Much More

  • Home schooling
  • Special education
  • Online clubs, communities
  • Parent/teacher conferences

Elluminate Live! Academic Edition™ Features and Key Benefits 
Superior technical foundation
  • Data stream optimized to each user's connection speed
  • Collaborate in real time, regardless of Internet connection speeds,with everyone seeing and hearing the same thing at the same time.
Crystal Clear, two-way voice over the Internet
  • Drastically reduce expensive teleconferencing bills.
  • Gain better control over audio interactions by participants.
Shared, Interactive Whiteboard
  • Private and Backup slides
  • Laser pointer
  • Resize whiteboards
  • Edit / group / layer /align / resize objects
  • Rearrange and insert slides
  • Create dynamic content to enhance your meetings and training sessions.
  • Enable detailed analysis, sharing, collaboration, and discussion.
  • Import protected files for use in public environment.
  • Save and reload content for later use.
Application sharing
  • Conduct hands-on training or share the latest sales projections with all session participants.
  • Check participants'work with “over-the-shoulder” coaching.
  • Choose between high quality for image-sharing or high speed for animation sharing.
  • Capture screens from shared applications and live or recorded video.
Live Webcam Video
  • Show live video in four different modes based on quality or frame rate.
  • Give video privilege to one or more selected participants or all participants.
Multimedia content delivery
  • Play multimedia files for all participants.
  • Load multimedia files into library.
  • Monitor download to participants and initiate playback.
Synchronized Web Tour
  • Push participants to multiple URLs via embedded window.
  • Allow participants to interact independently with content in fully functional window.
  • Redirect participants to any link—all at the same time.
Breakout Rooms
  • complete with private audio, whiteboard, and application sharing.
  • Focus discussions and presentations among smaller groups.
  • Instructor can move from room to room to observe.
  • Make select whiteboards available to certain groups, or move them around among the groups.
Server-based whiteboard
  • Load images faster and easier for more participants to make more efficient use of training time.
Record and Playback
  • Make sessions available to those who want to review the content or missed the live session.
Clip Art
  • Create shareable clip art collections.
Audio Wizard
  • Test speakers and microphone.
  • Allow participants to properly set speaker and microphone volume.
Moderator Tools
  • Moderators know if participants are seeing the content they should at all times. Participant Status Indicators show if users are on a slow speed connection or experiencing Internet delays, so moderator can adjust the presentation accordingly with minimal disruption.
  • Gain control of sessions with permission granting, attendee list, and sequenced hand-raising features.
  • Control participant's microphone volume.
  • View and sharedynamic pollingg summary results.
  • Activity indicators allow instructors to see who has "stepped out"of a session or who is typing a direct message.
  • Emotion indicators alert moderators of participants' understanding and moods during a session.
Cross-platform support
  • Import files onto whiteboard and share applications from PC, Mac, Linux and Sun platforms, including StarOfficeand OpenOfficee.
Session administration for hosted customers
  • Schedule and access sessions via customized email invitations.
  • Set up one-time or recurring meetings and permanent virtual rooms.
  • Provide open attendance or require enrollment.
  • Make recorded sessions available to all or specific users.
  • Users can automatically click on a link to add the meeting to their email calendar.

Need help deciding? We have a product independent evaluation method that will help you make the best choice for your own unique web conferencing needs. So while we recommend Elluminate for a wide variety of circumstances, we may recommend something else for you! Ask about FutureU's consulting for decision makers: Choosing Virtual Collaboration Software.