Virtual Event Production and Facilitation

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Communication and Collaboration Online The only thing worse than a badly run live event is a badly run online event. We've been producing and facilitating virtual events since the 1980s (Yes, that long.). Lots of them. And, we've been pioneers in the use of video and web conferencing, discussion forums, instant messaging, and chat. Clients have called on us to help them facilitate webinars with as many as 1,000 attendees in six time zones. Even Twitter has serious potential beyond organizing the overthrow of governments—if you know how to use it in a professional way.

Contact us to talk about your upcoming virtual events or live events you'd like to hold wholly or partially online.

Real-Time, Web-Based Meetings

Using the Internet to Communicate and Collaborate

Learn how to create a secure space for:

  • Sharing ideas
  • Solving problems
  • Facilitating interaction among multiple organizational functions
  • Keeping everyone in the team informed
  • Managing online projects

Receive guidelines for communicating with:

  • Email and voice mail
  • IM, chat, Twitter
  • Conference calls or group VoIP
  • Video or Web conferences

Workshop: Real-Time, Web-Based Meetings

Training in the use of "online meeting" software for staying in touch and meeting and working together, no matter where you are. Covers use of chat, desktop video conferencing, application sharing, in any size meeting or event from small work groups to large-audience presentations. Applicable for users of any commercial application such as Centra, Elluminate Live!, GoToMeeting, LiveMeeting, and WebEx or lower-cost, free and open source products like DimDim, Vyew or Yugma.

Price: Based on product choice, scope of use, number of functions/features, etc. (Two-Week Online Module or One-day, face-to-face Workshop.)
For more information, contact us directly.

Virtual Teaming

Workshop: Virtual Teaming: Improve Team Work Across Distance

Virtual teaming involves intelligent application of the tools and techniques described below for web-based meetings, project support web sites and, to a certain extent, online conferences and events.

Price: Based on product choice, scope of use, number of functions/features, etc. (Two-Week Online Module or One-day, face-to-face Workshop.)
For more information, contact us directly.

Project Support Web Sites

Screen capture of an example project support websiteCustom designed 10-page web site, hosted by FutureU or on your own server.

— Password protected.
— Linked to your Web site.
— Supplemented with resources about online meetings or virtual teamwork.
(Click on image to see larger screen capture.)

Structure: A project support web site is commonly made up of four types of information.

  1. Format - the organizational form of the project, such as project management, meeting(s), conference(s), or other event(s).
  2. Topic(s) - focus or theme of the project; what it is about.
  3. Process(es) - such as polls and surveys, reminders and reinforcers, and peer-based or facilitated discussions.
  4. Tool(s) - Hardware and/or software that creates the online environment in which people use the information and processes to cover the topic(s) or explore the theme(s).

Content: Project support websites typically contain several types of pages.

  • Event Topic - context, purpose, and themes.
  • Outcomes - specific objectives and participant pre-event polls or surveys.
  • Program Map - table of contents, program description or course syllabus, logistics, locale information, etc.
  • Discussion - access to collaborative discussion before and after event.
  • Surveys and Polls - of opinions, needs, capacities of participants or hoped for outcomes
  • Participants List - contact info and hot email links to participants.
  • Resources - answers to FAQs, trends, best practices, event materials, etc.
  • Post-Event Reports - summaries, images, etc.
  • Research - recent and important findings.
  • Product Reviews - of technology and other tools related to the event topic.
  • Expert Opinions - articles, commentary, trend analysis on event topic by experts.
  • Advice - to guide participants in mastering topic or completing project.

Price: $3,000 (Additional pages, $300 each)

Modify template for each additional project:
Price: $200/hour (estimate 2-6 hours)

To manage the Web site.
Price: $500/month per site
(Most sites need managing only for the duration of the project. After that, they are archived for later reference.)

To train your personnel to manage.
Price: $3,600 (Up to 3 individuals.)

Online Conferences and Events

FutureU Associate facilitating NASA Astrobiology Institute event.Using our expertise in virtual teaming, project support websites, and communication and learning online, we can help you design, build and deliver any online conference or event, large or small. Clients from the California Virtual Campus to the NASA Astrobiology Institute have recruited us to plan, create and manage a variety of technology-mediated large group gatherings.

Price: Contact us directly for more information.

Online Courses, Webinars and Workshops

Screenshot of Elluminate Live! web conferencing.FutureU co-founder Claude Whitmyer,
has been learning and teaching online since the early 1980s, before the World Wide Web even existed. His friendly communication style makes it easy for participants to master the sometimes challenging content that needs to be delivered through Web-based instruction, and his skillful use of threading, harvesting, weaving, and other hallmarks of good online facilitation provides a model for any instructor who wants to learn to teach online. Mr. Whitmyer is sometimes assisted by one or more FutureU associates who have been trained in FutureU's effective online facilitation methods and who are also subject-matter experts in the course, webinar, or workshop content.

FutureU specializes in teaching people how to meet, learn and get things done using the Internet and the broad range of tools available today. Some of the topics we are most frequently asked to deliver are:

Additionally, we are frequently called upon to deliver tool-specific training programs for such tools as:

Price: Contact us for more information about course, workshops and webinars that we can deliver to you.

Choosing Virtual Collaboration Software

Several hundred players are currently struggling to grab market share in the dynamic, rapidly evolving world of virtual collaboration software (VCS) For years we have been helping organizations not only control costs but actually improve communication and training by adding a virtual component to their interactions.

However, the choices of software for this purpose are so unproven, so varied in their design and pricing structure, and so frequently updated that even experienced technology decision makers hesitate to move forward. We help them clarify what they really need, navigate the many choices, minimize resistance and instill best practices among the people who will be using the software. In short, we help them make the most of what is often a major investment.

Price: $200.00 per hour or $1,500 per day per consultant.
Plus travel and expenses. — Project-based budget estimates also available.

FutureU was one of the first groups anywhere to identify and teach the skills of effective online meetings. Clients as varied as the American Hospital Association, California Virtual Campus, and the NASA Astrobiology Institute tell us we've brought significant improvements to the quality of their virtual teams, web meetings and other online events. For our clients from California to Missouri to Puerto Rico and from British Columbia to Saudi Arabia, ultimately, meeting online saves time and money while improving outcomes and morale.

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