Focused Trainings

Meet Our Software Guru and Master Trainer

Our software guru, Claude Whitmyer.Fifteen years before the Internet became a household word, FutureU co-founder Claude Whitmyer was already writing a software column for workplace publications. Claude knows software! Today he heads up FutureU's technology tool evaluation team, applying his 30+ years of experience to the ongoing search for best of breed in software (and hardware) for virtual communication and learning.

Software Tools

Virtual teamwork and online teaching are true crafts. Every great craftsperson needs a good toolkit. After many years of researching the best of the best communications and learning technologies Claude has created a recommended toolkit for getting these jobs done and doing them right and we offer training in several of the more important tools in the kit, including course authoring, course management, or course communications.

Course Authoring

  • Audacity (Audio editing)
  • Camtasia Suite (Video editing)
  • Powerpoint to Flash
  • SmartDraw
  • SnagIt
  • SoftChalk's Lesson Builder
  • Customized training on your in-house course authoring software

Course Management

  • Blackboard
  • Haiku LMS
  • Moodle
  • Customized training on your in-house learning management software

Course Communications (and Content Delivery)

  • Centra
  • DimDim
  • Elluminate Live!
  • WebEx
  • Vyew
  • Wimba
  • Yugma
  • Customized training on your in-house web conferencing software

Special Booster Trainings

We offer two special training programs to hasten your progress in adding or improving training opportunities or quickly giving your online learning initiative a power boost:

  • FastTrack® Coaching
  • Online Teaching Quick Start

FastTrack® Coaching

FastTrack® Coaching is especially for managers and administrators, deans and department heads, top and c-level executives and other key stakeholders.

FastTrack® is primarily used for providing the special attention that key faculty and our organizational leaders need when it is simply impossible for them to attend a group training program. It is primarily focused on the topic of building an online course and learning to teach online, but it can also be used for learning basic skills that may have been neglected because of other responsibilities; for example, using application software or learning best practices for email communications. Learn more . . .

Online Teaching Quick Start

The Online Teaching Quick Start is . . . 

  •  . . . a short, focused and intense training program . . . 
  •  . . . to bring a small group of faculty or training staff up to speed . . . 
  •  . . . in creating online courses and learning the basic skills . . . 
  •  . . . necessary to make the transition from instructing in the classroom to instructing on line . . . 

Clients tend to use this program to launch a new online learning initiative inviting early adopter faculty to participate or give particular programs or departments a leap forward in joinining the online distance learning world. Learn more . . .

Learn More...

To learn more about any of our training programs for any of the applications mentioned above or for any other application that you are hoping to introduce to your instructors and course builders, contact us directly.