Online Teaching Quick Start


FutureU's Online Teaching Quick Start is the complete, quick and easy start-up solution to maximize your infrastructure investment by quickly building something substantive.


    Faculty from Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico.
  • Create 5 courses in just 5 weeks.
  • Introduce instructors to pedagogically sound instructional design for online learning.
  • Provide hands-on experience with the unique practices required for online teaching.
  • Receive expert guidance from an experienced online instructor.
  • Get up to 5 hours of top-level expert coaching for each of 5 participants for 5 weeks.
  • Complete 20 key modules of the self-paced Faculty Web book.
  • Participate in online, peer discussion forums (one for technology questions, the other for the issues and challenges of teaching online).
  • Help smooth the way for students entering the world of online learning using the Student Web Books provided for each Quick Start course.


    Faculty from Columbia College of California.
  • Faculty Orientation. Five seats in a 5-week orientation to online teaching that includes instructor led application of 20 self-paced
    modules that prepare participants to teach online or in a blended classroom. Worth $2,500 ($500 each seat).
  • Email, Online and Telephone Coaching. Expert advice as you build your course online. Up to 5 hours for each of 5 faculty participants--
    a $5,000 value when purchased separately.
  • Online Peer Discussion. Two facilitated discussion forums, one for technology questions, the other for the issues and challenges of teaching online--Priceless.
  • Student Course. Before students begin academic studies online, eliminate obstacles to online learning with this instructor-led course. Bundle includes 50 course seats worth $2,500 ($50 each) Access to FutureU's Student Web Book also included.
  • Five licenses for FutureU's acclaimed Faculty Web Book: Make the Most of Teaching Online.
  • Fifty licenses for FutureU's time-tested Student Web Book: Make the Most of Learning Online.


  • Economically Priced: A $10,000 total value for just $6,000, plus expenses. That's a 40% discount and only $1,200 per instructor. Similar learning opportunities can run $2,500 or more.


    Faculty from Missouri State University.
  • Your new online project successfully launched with courses up and running.
  • Your existing online project functioning better than you ever thought possible.
  • Instructors trained and ready to inspire and guide others.
  • Students fully ready to focus on the content, not the delivery system.
  • Broader support for online learning.
  • Greater clarity about future needs for funding and training.
  • A thoughtful ongoing discussion about learning and teaching online.
  • A written transcript of that discussion–the starting point for FAQs.
  • An established relationship with experts and peers for future advice and support.
  • The confidence to proceed with additional online offerings.


  • Alternative Face-to-Face Workshop. Available at your location for groups of faculty/course developers. Two days surrounded by a week prior and a week following the face-to-face workshops. $7,500, plus expenses for up to 20 faculty members.
  • Course Design Review. Confidential written critique of your online courses, with expert recommendations sent privately by email. An additional $600 for each course.

Also Available

    Planning and Strategy.
  • Planning and strategic thinking with an expert in online adult education
  • Web conferences or teleconferences for project or initiative support.
  • Professional conversion of your syllabi, course materials, outlines, and resources for online delivery.
  • A talent bank of experienced online course facilitators.
  • Coaching in online course development and facilitation.
  • Face-to-face learning expeditions and workshops on business and work-related topics.
  • Access to leading thinkers in organizational development, career planning, personal and professional development, adult learning, and the application of technology to teaching and learning.
  • Custom-written marketing copy to recruit participants to your online learning programs.
  • Online bookstore with direct delivery to you from

Please Note: Although we recommend the Quick Start program for anybody looking for an organized, rapid way to launch a quality online learning program, you may not be ready for such a commitment. In that case, you may want to purchase individual seats in one of our public programs or you may opt simply for our acclaimed FastTrack® Coaching program, one instructor at a time. Then, when each instructor is ready to launch a course, you may also purchase any number of Student Web Book to support that course.

Finally, we also offer full, customized faculty development programs. In fact, most of our clients choose this option. To learn more, visit Faculty Development for Teaching Online.

You may also want to check out our Fast Track Coaching® as the perfect follow-up to the Online Teaching Quick Start®

For more information about the Online Teaching Quick Start or faculty development and student preparedness for online learning, contact us directly.