Produce & Facilitate Virtual Events

Webinars - Conferences - Meetings - Teams

FutureU Client Columbia College of California
      Meeting at a Distance. Stock Photo.

Contact us to talk about your upcoming virtual events or live events you'd like to hold wholly or partially online.

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Online Meeting & Hybrid Events

Design, Produce, Facilitate and Evaluate

FutureU Client NASA Astrobiology Institute Large Group Meeting
      NASA Astrobiology Institute large group meeting. Photo by Claude Whitmyer.

It's not the technology. It's what you do with it!® Meet! Talk! Get things done! Faster, better, cheaper—with the best tools for the job.

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Design & Build Course Websites

For Faculty and Corporate Trainers

FutureU Client King Abdul Aziz University - Planning Course Websites in Saudi Arabia
      Planning course web sites in Saudi Arabia. Photo by Gail Terry Grimes.

Discover the best tools to develop online courses and the most efficent ways to deliver content and engage learners on the Web.

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Web Sites for Publicity and Sharing

For Teams, Programs, Depts and CoPs

Design Map for a Promotional Website
      Design Map for a Team Website. Graphic by Claude Whitmyer.

How to showcase your team, department, program or community of practice or even just your own activities, capabilities, and creative output.

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Prepare to Teach or Train Online

For Academic Faculties and Corporate Trainers

FutureU Client King Abdul Aziz University Faculty
      FutureU Client King Abdul Aziz University. Photo by Claude Whitmyer.

There's a whole lot more to planning and creating a technology-enriched course than just putting your content on the Internet or learning how to use course management software.

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Prepare to Learn or Train Online

For Students and Adult Learners

FutureU Client Dominican University of California
      FutureU client Dominican University of California. Photo by Claude Whitmyer.

Whether tenderfoot or veteran Web surfer, students have gaps in their understanding of online learning, even if they surf, email and send text messages every day.

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Strategy, Planning, Implementation

For Collaboration Across Distance

FutureU Client NASA Astrobiology Institute - site visit to view demo of collaboration technology
      NASA collaboration technology. Photo by Claude Whitmyer.

Start with readiness and needs assessments, then identify sufficient resources and support. Seek professional guidance if appropriate.

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Online Teaching Quick Start

Maximize Your Infrastructure Investment

FutureU Client Columbia College of California
      FutureU client Columbia College of California. Photo by Claude Whitmyer.

Many schools have invested heavily in a web presence. Student portals, learning management systems, and web conferencing software abound.

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