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A FutureU Student Preparedness Program

e-Learning...Anytime, Anywhere.This module has been delivered for nearly 10 years to clients ranging from the American Hospital Association to the Dominican University of California. It is thoroughly tested and well suited to any group of university, college or high school students.

Whether tenderfoot or veteran Web surfer, everyone has gaps in their understanding of what it takes to learn online. Even if you surf, email, and "instant message" every day, these experiences don't prepare you for the processes, skills, and attitudes necessary to excel in the online classroom.

Using the FutureU Student Web Book as a text, a skilled facilitator introduces any group of 10 to 20 students to the fundamentals of learning online. In the process, participants come to know what it's like to work as a learning team—an excellent way to encourage group activities in later, content-based modules.


Includes two volumes containing eleven chapters and a Web-based student tool kit filled with Internet resources. See also the following tables of contents:


  • Eleven-chapter Student Web Book (One year private password-protected access.)
  • Expert, daily online facilitation
  • Online Tool Kit of Web resources useful for student learning
  • Peer-based technical-support forum
  • "Cafe" forum for informal conversation
  • Plenty of motivational learning activities


  • Demonstrate your institution's high expectations for online learning.
  • Give every student an equal chance to excel in any course that has an online component.
  • Provide easy access to a wide range of online resources (Student Internet Tool Kit).
  • Boost student confidence.
  • Allay parent concerns.
  • Reduce faculty and IT staff workload.
  • Achieve maximum buy-in the shortest possible time.


Two-Week Online Workshop
(Minimum 10 students/Maximum 20)
Including Cost of Web Books
Each additional participant: $100
Plus Cost of Web Books
Student Web Book Retail: $49
Quantity Discounts:
See Table Below

When a workshop with 10-20 participants is purchased, the cost of a web book for each participant is included in the $2,700 fee. If more than 20 participants join the workshop, there is an additional workshop fee of $100 and a web book fee of $49.00. Participants who must purchase their own web books can do so at [ ].

Quantity Pricing for Student Web Books

  Quantity Price Discount


For quantity purchases, choose one of the following methods:

  • Use a credit card to purchase single copies. Just click on the link for "1" in the table above.
  • Send an email purchase order to specifying a larger quantity.
  • Call 415-824-7726 and place a verbal purchase order or to arrange to use a departmental or school credit card.

Technical Information

The FutureU Student Web Book consists of a series of Web pages accessed by password on the Internet. All you need is an Internet email address and access to the World Wide Web. When you buy this Web Book, you will receive a personal password that gives you access to the Web Book from your computer as well as access to at least one subject-based discussion forum and one peer-based technical support forum.

The Student Web Book has been tested for use as a course text in Blackboard, eCollege, etudes, FirstClass, IntraLearn, Prometheus, Web Course in a Box , VirtualU, WebCT, and as a stand-alone Web site that can be used with any electronic classroom. Conversion to your school's standard electronic classroom environment is available for an additional fee.

About FutureU

FutureU publishes Web books, provides online and face-to-face learning experiences, consults with institutions, and studies the fields of online education and virtual communications. Don't look to us for Java training; our niche is meeting, teaming, learning, teaching, and training online.

Visit the FutureU Web site for more information or for access to books, tapes and other resources.

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