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KAU LogoKing Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia was able to select the best candidates from among their faculty for an exclusive training program in online course development and delivery by providing prospective candidates access through the University website to FutureU's proprietary attitudinal and technological readiness assessment. FutureU then delivered a 6-week program, half online and half face to face to the finalists from this selection process.

NASA LogoNASA's Astrobiology Institute was able to assess the communication practices among its 700+ widely dispersed researchers; identify their concerns, preferences, and needs for improvement; and develop a strategy for introducing new tools and methods to enhance communication and collaboration.

UIPR LogoUniversidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico engaged FutureU to assess the Technology Needs and Readiness for Online Teaching among 100+ faculty and administrative staff. The university used the results of FutureU's online survey to substantiate its application for a major federal Title V grant, which was awarded.

CPMC LogoCalifornia Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco was able to begin improving internal communication among 5,000 physicians, researchers, and employees following a major merger involving multiple hospital campuses, by first engaging FutureU to assess existing methods and attitudes and make non-proprietary recommendations for change.

Missouri State LogoMissouri State University was better able to plan to its new online program for pre-service training because FutureU had first assessed the faculty's technical skills and attitude. The findings from the pre and post training components of this assessment were also used as part of the annual progress report to the Department of Education PT3 program which paid for the assessment and the faculty development program that FutureU also delivered.

CMS Report ImageFutureU's Comparative Features Analysis of Leading Course Management Software, a study of leading course management software systems published in 2000—along with and the CMS Tool ImageDecision Maker's Web Tool: Choosing Course Management Software that it was based on—have helped thousands of decision-makers choose the best tools for their institutions' distance learning programs.

Manutan LogoThe Manutan Group, a European conglomerate of industrial equipment companies, improved the outcome and impact of its senior management retreat with online surveys and discussions provided by FutureU before and after the meeting. The experience showed the executives how online surveys could help address communications issues among managers separated by great distance.

A major airline industry company turned to us to poll company vice presidents of engineering, and the vice presidents of marketing at several dozen airline industry competitors.

Pacific Bell LogoThe former Pacific Bell was able to evaluate the impact of deregulation on small business customers' perception of the company as a small business advocate with our help.

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