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Services for Consultants

For Your Business And Non-Profit Clients  — For Your Clients In Academia

Why Partner With FutureU?

Especially in these challenging times, every sector of the economy is exploring alternatives to travel and bricks and mortar meeting and training space. Whatever your specialty as a consultant, you can benefit from this trend by establishing a marketing partnership with FutureU.

  • Increase your income
  • Add value to your existing services
  • Add new services to your portfolio
  • Enhance your image as an innovator
  • Be the one with the solutions

 . . . all with no additional work by you.

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As a consultant, the more hours you bill, the higher your income. But there's just so much time! To increase your income, you can:

  • Work even more hours
  • Hire more consultants (Become a supervisor instead of a consultant.)
  • Or partner with FutureU

Think of FutureU as your outsourced supplier for research, training, and consultation in virtual communication (meetings and email) and e-learning (online and blended learning). If you consult with organizations of any size, your clients need what FutureU offers. Don't you want to be the one to help them?

No matter what their industry, if any of your clients have:

  • Workers in more than one place
  • Workers on more than one shift
  • Teams of any kind
  • Customers or constituents who need service

 . . . then there's a place for FutureU's services in your portfolio — as an added value to every service you offer.

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Consulting Clients

For years, FutureU, has been helping organizations not only control costs but actually improve communication, team work, and training by making the most of their investment in meeting and training technologies. Now you can offer any service in the FutureU portfolio to your clients with confidence, knowing that FutureU will represent you admirably. Among the consulting firms we have helped are:

  • Growth Management Center, Donner Lake, California
  • Institute for Foretagsutveckling, Trollhattan, Sweden
  • Institute for the Human Environment, Sausalito, California
  • Interaction Associates, San Francisco
  • RealChange Network, Aptos, California
  • Resource Renewal Institute, San Francisco
  • The Grove Consultants International, San Francisco
  • The Future Search Network, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania
  • WDHB, Inc., Berkeley, California


Here's what people say about the leader of our consulting services, Claude Whitmyer:

"Claude Whitmyer is one of the most thorough, versatile and effective consultants I know. The breadth of his business knowledge and his demonstrated commitment to integrity and social responsibility make him a uniquely gifted business advisor and management consultant. Through FutureU and Noren, Claude truly makes a high value contribution to each project he undertakes. "

Christian Forthomme, MBA
RealChange Network

"Claude exhibited thought leadership and wonderful facilitation driving a complicated situation - both organizationally and technically to completion."

Peter Gaston
CTO, Partner
Audibilities, LLC

"Claude is a deep water community builder and networker. He was in on the ground floor of the PC revolution in the '80s and has learned his way up with it, inventing and evolving many useful solutions. He has tirelessly supported right livelihood approaches to business, and other sensible strategies for the new century."

David Sibbet
The Grove

"Claude is a seer of extraordinary sagacity. He has helped me and many others into developing a clearer view of self and one's potential and uniqueness. He is also a pleasure working with in developing organizational capacity for excellence. "

Whitney Vosburgh
Artist and Branding Consultant
Whitney and Company

[Go here for more testimonials and endorsements.]

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Organizational Clients

Among our own organizational clients, we include:

  • Thompson Rivers University, Continuing Education Division, Kamloops, British Columbia
  • King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • NASA Astrobiology Institute, Moffett Field, California
  • Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Arecibo
  • American Hospital Association Health Forum, Chicago, Illinois
  • University of Missouri, Springfield
  • California Virtual Campus
  • The Clorox Foundation, Oakland, California
  • Fujitsu America, Palo Alto, California
  • Pacific Bell, San Francisco
  • Apple Computer, Menlo Park, California

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How an Alliance with FutureU Works for You

FutureU will deliver any of its services to your clients:

  • Under your private label
  • Co-branded (a service of your firm in association with FutureU)
  • By referral (finder's fee to you based on total revenues generated from referred client: 10% in year 1, 5% yrs. 2-5, 2.5% yrs. 6-9)

You can count on FutureU!

  • Every FutureU associate has 30+ years of consulting experience.
  • Respecting your (and your clients') relationships is our first priority.
  • Our solutions are cost-effective, fully tested.

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Product Lists

To find out how FutureU's services fit into your business plan, check out one or both of our product lists:

For Your Business And Non-Profit Clients

For Your Clients In Academia

FutureU provides cost-effective solutions that allow you to make the most of your investment in meeting and training technologies while you also shorten development time, bypass costly learning curves, and avoid ongoing payroll hikes. Free your own people to do what they do best. Let FutureU provide outsourced implementation support for any or all of the eight steps to success with technology.

Relax, knowing that mature professionals are working for you. Your team leaders still call the shots and provide major input to specific questions and content. If you want your staff to master any of the skills involved, we can train them to take over from FutureU after initial implementation.

If you want to see what improved virtual communications and e-learning can do for your organization, or as a value added to what you already offer your customers, FutureU is at your service with 30+ years of experience.

Improved Performance and Employee Development

FutureU also provides focused services in the two areas of greatest return on investment in technology for meetings and training: improved performance and employee satisfaction.

We also offer extensive assistance with Internal Marketing and Communications to help increase buy-in and make sure you're meeting the real needs of your people.

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