Training and Continuous Learning Opportunities

Employees have come to expect continuing education. To differentiate your organization, you want to offer continuous learning in a wide range of topics not ordinarily offered, to demonstrate your organization's commitment to truly "holistic" professional development, personal growth, and promotion from within the organization.

Providing excellent training on a continuous basis, rather than just occasionally, improves performance throughout the organization while conveying the message you yourself want to hear: that the organization cares about its people. FutureU will work with your staff to identify the topics of greatest need and interest, create the most appropriate learning model, and select the most suitable combination of learning opportunities for your personnel.

This page describes some of the many trainings and continuous learning opportunities that have already been delivered by FutureU. Many of these listings are described in detail elsewhere on the FutureU web site. New topics are always in development. The FutureU team includes dozens of highly qualified educators and content experts prepared to develop custom content that directly addresses your identified needs. In addition, the FutureU team continuously studies "what's out there," in order to help you identify the best content available off the shelf from reliable sources.

Leadership Mastery

Executives often report that employees lack the preparation for a transition into management. FutureU has been providing both traditional and "new-paradigm" leadership training to executives and managers for two decades. Current offerings include:

Key Practices for Transformational Leadership

Three 12-week programs, each comprised of six 2-week modules, all of which are also available separately as stand-alone 4-week modules.

Leadership and Continuous Learning

Non-Traditional Approaches to Leadership

The Aikido of Leadership. Through facilitated dialogue and safe, non-strenuous solo and paired exercises, participants apply the principles of the Japanese martial art of Aikido—balance, leverage, position, timing and movement—to real-world workplace challenges. Instructor: FutureU Senior Associate Barry Tuchfeld, Ph.D., who holds the Aikido rank of Nidan (Second Degree Black Belt).

Improvisation for Leaders. By engaging in exercises that encourage spontaneity and fresh thinking, participants learn to solve problems "on their feet."  Instructor: Stanford University drama professor Patricia Ryan Madson, founder of the Stanford Creativity Initiative, who has delivered this training for Hewlett Packard, Price Waterhouse, and others. Physical activities accommodate all levels of ability. Formats: 2-hour, half-day or full-day workshop, or a four-, five- or ten-week course that meets weekly for two hours.

Improvisation for Teams. Participants learn the "art" of being a team player. Concepts include shared control, "when to lead/when to follow," strategies for "making your partner look good," and non-confrontational approaches to different styles of working. Format: single workshop or, most effectively, in extended form (e.g., 2 hours/week for up to 10 weeks.) Instructor: Stanford University's Patricia Ryan Madson.

Using Humor in the Workplace. Instructor: humorist and playwright Charlie Varon. Mr. Varon's writing has appeared in the New Yorker. His stage performances always enjoy long theatrical runs. His keynote speeches have provoked both laughter and serious thought among audiences.

Business Literacy

Recent studies have reported that MBAs and other management candidates often lack the business knowledge needed for successful management work. As a result, they make arguments using "soft data" that may not be convincing to other executives. Some survey participants indicated that if they had more business knowledge, they would gain credibility, and their funding and staffing requests would be taken more seriously.

Core Competencies for Managers


Nine 6-week modules offered separately or together as a certificate program.

  • Accounting & Finance for Managers & Entrepreneurs
  • Economics, Business, & Society: The Ecology of Commerce
  • Marketing: From Consumerism to Community Service
  • Human Resource Development: A Systems Approach
  • Quantitative Research: Statistical Analysis for Strategic Intent
  • Planning and Strategic Thinking
  • Corporate Policy & Ethics
  • Management & Organization Theory: A Global Perspective
  • Information Payoff: Technology & Information Management

Advanced Business Topics

Variable-length modules offered separately.

  • The Art and Zen of Event Management
  • The Practice of Conscious Leadership
  • Communicating for Understanding; not Persuasion
  • Riding the Wave of Change
  • Qualitative Research: From Observation to Empowerment
  • Meeting Facilitation: Tips and Techniques
    (How to maximize productivity from†meetings)
  • Learning Organizations & Organizational Learning
  • Leadership & Organizational Transformation
  • Continual Differentiation:
    How to differentiate from competitors by maximizing the potential of each individual in the firm
  • From Vision to Strategy:
    How to generate short term strategies from the organization's long-term vision
  • Systems Thinking in Management & Organizations
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship:
    Empowerment & Creativity in Business
  • Environmental Management:
    Eco-Auditing & Double Bottom Lines
  • Marketing and Communications for Non-Marketers and Non-Communicators
  • What Business Are You Really In?
    Looking at Your Organization from the Customer's Point of View
  • Storytelling for the Corporate Crowd:
    How to Win the Hearts and Minds of your Key Audiences
  • The New Big Bang Theory:
    How to Set Up Internal Creative Departments - Maximum Bang for Your Buck
  • Taking the World By Storm:
    International Marketing Communication
  • Mentor-Coaching:
    How to establish productive mentoring relationships at work
  • The Path to Meaningful Work

Best Practices in the Use of Technology for Learning and Communication.

Teacher guiding student at computer.Every year from 1999 through 2005, the Health Forum Division of the American Hospital Association purchased FutureU's two-week instructor-led introduction to online learning. The Health Forum reports "significant improvements in the quality of participation" in subsequent modules. Other clients in FutureU's "Best Practices" category include the 107 community colleges of the California Virtual Campus and colleges and universities on almost every continent. Current offerings in this category include:

  • Basic Computer Literacy
  • Learning to use E-Mail Productively
  • Successful Online Meetings
  • Introduction to E-Learning for Decision-Makers
  • Choosing E-Learning Software
  • Meeting Challenges in the Development of a Technology-Mediated Curriculum
  • How to design online or face-to-face training courses using ABCD instructional design methodology
  • Trainer's Introduction to the Online Classroom
  • Online Module Building, Facilitation, and Delivery
  • Conducting Successful Online Trainings in Real Time
  • Improving Outcomes for E-Learners
  • Introduction to State-of-the-Art Organizational Learning
  • Improving Teamwork Across Distance
  • Successful Online Meetings in Real Time
  • Conducting Online Meetings Independent of Time
  • Planning and Managing Online Library Access
  • Audio Production for the Web
  • Creating Promotional/Informational Audio Products
  • Professional Uses of Consumer Camcorders
  • Digital Video Editing
  • Working with Outside Production Facilities
  • Digital Video Distribution (Internet and DVDs)

Personal Growth & Life Enhancement for Improved Performance and Satisfaction.

Demonstrate that your organization values the full potential of every individual on staff. When FutureU serves as your broker for "soft" subjects like the ones listed below, you are assured of the highest professional standards.

  • Creativity for Dummies—Anyone can be creative!
  • Do What You Love and Still Pay the Bills
  • Focusing: Use Your Body to Know Your Next Step
  • Healing Hands: Reiki Levels 1, 2, Master and Master Teacher
  • Listening Skills
  • Managing Difficult Conversations
  • Negotiation Mastery
  • Meditation & Stress Relief
  • Pain Management
  • The Path to Meaningful Work
  • Tai Chi in the Workplace
  • Yoga in the Workplace

Research and Consultation Related to Continuous Learning Products and Vendors

FutureU continuously studies the training markets. Save time, avoid disappointments, and maximize satisfaction by engaging FutureU to help you identify:

  • The educational technology best suited to your organization's unique needs
  • The best of breed in continuing education content

Content Delivery Management

FutureU knows how to match delivery methods to user capabilities. Not everyone has access to the same venues or technology, making communication and learning difficult even within the same organization—and often impossible when multiple organizations attempt to do training together. FutureU will work with you to identify which delivery methods will work best and what combination of face-to-face and technology-mediated methods might be necessary to deliver content to all your people.

Conversion of Content for Electronic Delivery

Adapting content for the new media involves a lot more than simply pasting files into web pages. When FutureU helps organizations convert, or create new, content for electronic or blended delivery, subject-matter experts report fewer frustrations and excellent results. With FutureU assisting your content developers and trainers, you are assured of a positive experience.

Delivery System Development or Customization.

Many commercial delivery systems are available for converting content to online delivery, but none may fully meet your needs. FutureU can help you determine which commercial delivery systems will work best or whether you should build one from scratch. We can also help you customize your existing delivery system to better serve your learners. Regardless of the solution, FutureU can train your staff in ongoing maintenance and further customization.

Program and Module Evaluation

The most cost-effective method is to use pre- and post-learning evaluations and compare results. FutureU also has extensive experience with the Kirkpatrick evaluation method (Levels I, II, III and IV); 360-Degree Feedback; Empowerment Evaluation; and Time, Population or Behavior Sampling.

Contact Us for more information on any of these services or our overall approach to training and especially technology-mediated training.