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It's not the technology. It's what you do with it!
It's the people!--that make a business work.

The FutureU Cycle of Success® with IT

Reduce costs, save time, increase buy-in at all levels, and improve performance with FutureU's approach to any technology-supported communication or learning initiative. If your organization is expanding or rethinking its internal communications, collaboration, distance learning or virtual teams activities, FutureU can help you maximize your return on investment, using the Cycle of Success® as a guide. Click on the image or on one of the links to the right of the image to learn more.

Discover Your Needs. Choose Your Tools. Provide Everyone Access--24/7 Itentify best practices. Deliver blended training. Measure the benefits. Remind and reinforce. Evaluate and Celebrate Success
The New Tools can improve communication, learning, and commerce.

Here's how to put them to use:
  1. Discover Your Needs
  2. Choose Your Tools
  3. Provide Access for Everyone--24/7
  4. Identify Best Practices
  5. Deliver Blended Training
  6. Measure the Benefits
  7. Remind and Reinforce
  8. Evaluate and Celebrate Success
Click on a step in the image or on the list above.

The Internet and its related tools and processes will improve the bottom line, if you use them effectively to enhance performance through better communications, collaboration and learning. That's easy to say but not always easy to execute.

FutureU provides cost-effective solutions that allow you to make the most of your investment in training and technology while you also shorten development time, bypass costly learning curves, and avoid ongoing payroll hikes. Free your own people to do what they do best. Let FutureU provide outsourced implementation support for any or all of the steps listed in the graphic or text menu above.

Join the company of happy FutureU clients such as the American Hospital Association, California Virtual Campus, NASA Astrobiology Institute, Pacific Bell (now SBC) and others.

Relax, knowing that mature professionals are working for you. Your team leaders still call the shots and provide major input to specific questions and content. If you want your staff to master any of the skills involved, we can train them to take over from FutureU after initial implementation.

If you want to see what improved communications, collaboration and e-learning can do for your organization, or as a value added to what you already offer your customers, FutureU is at your service with 30+ years of experience.

Contact us for more information.

1. Discover Your Needs Return to List

Click here for details.With 30-plus years of experience in both population research and virtual communications, FutureU can help you with:


2. Choose Your Tools Return to List

Click here to learn more.The world is flooded with possible candidates to meet your communications, collaboration and online learning needs. Let us help you make the best possible choices by matching your needs to what's available in today's marketplace. We've been doing this for years and make a point of staying informed about what's out there to match your needs. Avoid expensive mistakes by relying on FutureU's vendor-neutral analysis of assessment, training, and technology products for communication, collaboration, and e-learning. We can help you with:


3. Provide Access for Everyone--24/7 Return to List

Click here to learn more.Research has shown time and again that for knowledge management and virtual collaboration IT to succeed you must give all the people all the tools all the time. While some decision makers may think they know who needs the tools and who doesn't, the best results come from making sure that anyone who wants to use them can use them and whenever and where ever they need to.

Remarkable increases in communications and productivity arise from universal access that can't be matched by even the most carefully planned use patterns. Letting your people decide what they want to do and letting them do it whenever they want creates an environment of trust and support that encourages deeper and more active participation. Wait until you see some of the creative time savers and helpful knowledge boosters they come up with!

One of the quickest ways to provide universal access is to build your collaboration tools into the company intranet and integrate it with your customer extranet. Then you can deliver knowledge, team support and training online--anytime, anyplace to employees and customers alike. This will allow you to make the most of the dollars you've already spent on site development.

But beware! Too many corporate Intranets and Extranets deserve only a single visit. There's no reason to go back! They just don't provide enough added value. And yet whatever your business, the potential exists to provide tools and information for your employees and customers that will improve productivity enhance team work or training, increase customer satisfaction, and maximize revenue by using Internet technology within your organization. If you're ready to build an Intranet and/or Extranet or if the ones you've built just sits there--unused and out of date--maybe it's time to let FutureU help you:

  • Create an Intranet: An online collaboration portal for all your employee teams
  • Build an Extranet: Offer your customers a virtual community Web site
    (where they can educate themselves about your products and policies
    and easily place orders when they are ready).
  • Produce Web-based "Wraparounds" for any business meeting or event.
  • Convert and offer your training modules for delivery online.
  • Create an online enrollment system for your training department.

4. Identify Best Practices  Return to List

Click here to learn more.It takes skill to use the web. Let FutureU teach you and your team how to manage email more efficiently, get the best results from Internet research, avoid time-consuming netiquette gaffs, lighten the load on IT staff, improve the outcome of any online training, and enhance the quality of participation in any online group. These FutureU e-courses and web books are designed to guide you toward the very best practices:


5. Deliver Blended Training Return to List

Traditional training takes people away from work, adding travel costs and doing nothing to integrate new skills into actual practice. Click-through online modules are no solution, dull, quickly outdated, with a high dropout rate and low retention. By contrast, managers and executives around the country have applauded FutureU's blended and online modules for the dynamic, interactive quality of the experience, the support and insights they draw from other participants and from the skilled facilitators, and the degree to which they are able to apply what they are learning to real situations, all without lowering their productivity.


FutureU's E-Learning Program in Leadership and Continuous Learning

Program Modules:


6. Measure the Benefits  Return to List

ImageDeepen your ability to assess the impact of your training. How can you tell if people actually learned what you wanted them to learn? A "happy-face" evaluation only measures participant satisfaction. Testing often does more to measure the individual's ability to take tests than it does to reinforce or gauge anything of value.

You need to know whether skill levels or behaviors actually changed. And you probably wish you could measure increases in performance or the impact on the bottom line. Let FutureU help you create a system of semi-automated, customizable assessment tools using these approaches:

We also offer a wide array of other measurement services.


7. Remind and Reinforce Return to List

ImageNo matter how excellent the training module or how well organized the meeting, once an event is over, people return to business as usual, and more pressing demands grab their attention. After a training session, valuable learning never gets applied. After a meeting, important decisions and promises get forgotten. Using standard email to deliver customized reinforcements, FutureU can help your organization deepen learning and improve retention of any subject, strengthen group decision-making, build consensus, improve adoption of desired behavioral changes, and maximize every investment of time and resources.


8. Evaluate Program Success Return to List

ImageIn addition to measuring the benefits of training, you may want to evaluate the success of various other change initiatives. With 30+ years of experience in both change management and population research, FutureU is the right team to provide you with a full complement of evaluation tools.


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Assess both needs and readiness. Identify and Compare Tools, both Process and Technology Increase participation and the bottom line through universal access. Improve performance and morale. Expand delivery capability to anytime, anyplace. Find out what's working and how well. Provide ongoing reminders and opportunities for practice at work. Document your accomplishments. Pass on your successes.