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The Internet IS The Great Equalizer!®

For education, community, business and technology.

That said, we still believe strongly in our motto of many years:

It’s not the technology. It’s what you do with it!®


FutureU™ launched in 1998. Over time, we have become experts in four main areas: education, community, business, and technology .

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Today we are pretty good at spotting those who will benefit the most from what we have to offer.

We find our greatest successes come when we serve clients whose needs fall into the sweet spot where our four expertises overlap.

We are reimagining our products and services to better serve the clientele who will get the most from working with us. The following list outlines what we have in mind, from a 30,000 foot level:

  • EDUCATION: Personal Mastery and Skillful Means
    • The Internet IS The Great Equalizer for:
    • Life-Long Learning and Self-Development focused on:Tai Chi for Self Development
      • Right Livelihood
      • Simple Living
      • Using Mindfulness to find Meaningful Work
  • COMMUNITY: Team and Community Building (Virtual & Physical)
    • The Internet IS The Great Equalizer for:
    • Finding your Tribe and participating in Peer-based Support for:Community Any time Any where
      • Prefering Cooperation  over competition
      • Facilitating Team Learning
      • Developing Online Community
      • Building Virtual Communities of Practice
  • BUSINESS: Technology-Enhanced Entrepreneurship
    • The Internet IS The Great Equalizer for:
    • The Small, Really-Small, or One-Person:Claude Whitmyer Teaching Online
      • Creative Project — (Art, Music, Dance, Makers)
      • Cause-Driven Non-Profit — (Social, Environmental, Religious)
      • Money Making Enterprise — (Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLC, S-Corp)
  • TECHNOLOGY: Personal Digital Technology and The Internet
    • The Internet IS The Great Equalizer for:
    • Using Personal Digital Technology to expand and extend our capabilities.Pads-Pods-Smartphones
      • Pods, Pads, Smartphones, and Laptops are the hardware enablers.
      • They transform The Internet into The Great Equalizer for Education, Community, Business, and other Technologies.

Are you still availble to Teaching and Learning Online clients?

Yes, we are! That includes anyone interested in design, development, and delivery of:

  • Online conferences
  • Online meetings
  • Online courses
  • Webinars
  • Portals – The special kind of websites needed to promote the above.

You can find descriptions of these services on our old site. It’s still available at  >>>  <<<

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