Orientation Training and Development

FutureU principles and associates have been delivering training and orientation about technology-mediated teaching and learning since the early 1990s.
Here are a few examples.

King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Audience Goal Results

Two-dozen senior faculty and their IT support staff.

To provide orientation and training to designing, creating, and teaching online courses.

Delivered three weeks of online training and more than 100 hours of face-to-face training in the design, creation and teaching of online courses across a wide variety of subjects. Participants were introduced to both the pedagogically sound instructional design and the student-centered facilitative teaching required for success in the online classroom. A tool box of a dozen software packages was integrated into the instruction including web site creation, audio and video production, and hand-on participation with both asynchronous learning management software and real-time virtual classroom software. (Including most of the tools listed at the right, under "Special Focused Training.")

NASA Astrobiology Institute

Audience Goal Results

Several hundred research professionals and their teams and support staff

To provide orientation and training for Internet-based video and web conferencing, online presentations and meetings, virtual team collaboration, and cloud-based data management.

After assisting with readiness and needs assessments and identifying the most requested communications tools, we supported the implementation of Internet-based video and Web conferencing tools and cloud-based data management for sharing research data and facilitating project collaboration through a series of group and individual coaching sessions and workshops.

California Virtual Campus

Audience Goal Results

Decision makers and influencers

To provide an orientation to a variety of course management software packages and how to choose between them.

We delivered a series of workshops to attendees from nearly 50 of the 107 community colleges that make up the California Virtual Campus.

MadDuck Technologies (Web Course In A Box)

Audience Goal Results


To provide training on how to use Web-Course-In-A-Box course management software that included learning theory and instructional design appropriate to technology mediated teaching.

We delivered a series of such trainings to MadDuck clients such as Southwest Missouri State University, Merced College, and Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico as well as at professional meetings such as Syllabus, Educause and International Conference on Computers in Teaching and Learning in Jacksonville, Florida.

University of Phoenix Online Campus

Audience Goal Results


To offer continuing professional education certificate programs in management, human resources, and information technology, based on existing course content, but tailored for working professionals.

Our CTO, Claude Whitmyer, led a team of twelve University of Phoenix faculty to develop 16 modules and three certificate programs. The entire program was designed, developed, and delivered 100% online.

California Institute of Integral Studies

Audience Goal Results


To offer an alternative to traditional MBA programs that integrated values-based management, social and environmental responsibility, and participatory decision making and could be delivered 60% online, drawing participants from the Western United States.

As chairman of the Master of Arts in Business program, FutureU co-founder Claude Whitmyer created and delivered training to program faculty on best practices in technology-mediated teaching and learning.

College and Universities

Audience Goal Results


To provide training on learning theory, instructional design, web-page construction, the use of course management software, and teaching methods appropriate to the computer-mediated classroom.

We have delivered a series of faculty development trainings to clients such as Saybrook Graduate School, Southwest Missouri State University, Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico, Dominican University of California and Columbia College of California.

Learning Organizations and Schools

Audience Goal Results

Student Learners and Professionals

To provide an orientation to the online or blended learning environment for college students or learners seeking continuing professional education.

We have delivered our 2-week module entitled "Make the Most of Learning Online" for more than 10 years. Clients have included organizations ranging from the American Hospital Association's Fellowship in Creating a Healthier Community to continuing education programs at Dominican University of California. This same module with special annotations is frequently delivered as the introductory segment of our faculty development programs.


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