Professional Resume


601 Van Ness Ave., Ste. E433

San Francisco, CA 94102


415-648-2667 – Office

415-902-2548 – Cell

415-520-5416 – Fax (personal) (company)


Entrepreneur and Educator

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Business Owner  (30 years) 1

Management Consultant (20 years) 2

Business Educator (25 years) 2

Media Expert (15 years) 2

Non-Fiction Writer (17 years) 3

Public Speaker (20 Years) 3

Representative  Public Lectures. 3

Entrepreneurial Experience. 4

Business Analyst Experience. 5

Recent  Teaching Experience. 5

Other Teaching Experience. 6

Additional Business Teaching Experience. 7

Overview of Business Education Experience. 8

Educational Administration Experience. 8


Education. 9

Software Tools

Selected Publications. 11

Client Analysis. 13

Representative List of Clients. 14

Representative Community Service. 15

Example Professional Affiliations. 16

Personal Interests/Hobbies. 16

References. 16



Business Owner
(30 years)



§          Natural cosmetics manufacturing company

§          Energy-efficient appliance distribution company

§          Urban-oriented alternative energy/appropriate technology retail store

§          Small-business computer consultancy

§          Private business school

§          Vocational guidance practice

§          Computer-mediated training consultancy

§          E-learning and virtual communications consultancy



Management Consultant
(20 years)


§          Organizational Culture Change

§          E-learning and virtual Communications

§          Values-Based Management Practices

§          Marketing and Market Research and Analysis

§          Strategic Business Planning

§          Meaningful Work Personnel and Career Guidance

§          Growth Management

§          Partnership Mediation

§          Computer-mediated communications

§          Small-business automation



Business Educator (25 years)


Recent subject areas: Planning, Building, and Teaching a Blended or Virtual Course, Online Teaching and Learning, Personal Mastery, Transformational Leadership, Systems Thinking.

Other focuses: Mindfulness, Meaningful Work, Community Building, Free Agentry in Business

Faculty Development Specialist

Coaching and Training Faculty in the use of technology and the Internet in planning, building and teaching virtual or blended courses for higher education institutions such as California Virtual Campus, Columbia College of California, Dominican University of California, King Abdul-Aziz University, Missouri State University, Modesto Junior College, Saybrook Graduate School, Universidad Interamericana Recinto de Puerto Rico.


Course Developer, Faculty Advisor

Designing and delivering modules on Systems Thinking, and Leadership to the “Fellowship in Creating Healthier Communities” and the “Accelerating Community Transformation” project of the American Hospital Association’s Health Forum Fellowship.


Curriculum Consultant/Project Manager

Leading a team of 12 faculty developers to create 16 modules and three certificate programs for the “Center for Professional Education” at the University of Phoenix, Online Campus.

Founding Director and Associate Professor

Leading the development of a “new paradigm” graduate degree stressing social responsibility and environmental preservation, the “Masters of Arts in Business” at the California Institute of Integral Studies was one of the first graduate business programs on the planet to be delivered online.


Business Instructor

Adjunct faculty or instructor on a wide variety of topics to institutions including, the Center for Good Work, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chausées, Goddard College, Heald Business College, Holy Names College, McKinnon School of Massage, New College of California, Noren Institute, Prescott College, Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, and Writers Connection.


Media Expert
(15 years)


§          Expert in small business and business computing, featured in local publications such as California Magazine and San Francisco Bay Guardian; national publications such as Newsweek, PC World, Home Office Computing, The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog, and Business Ethics; and nationally syndicated radio talk shows.



Non-Fiction Writer
(17 years)



§          Mindfulness and Meaningful Work: Explorations in Right Livelihood (Parallax, 1994).

§          In the Company of Others: Making Community in the Modern World (Putnam, 1993).

§          Running A One-Person Business (Ten Speed, 1994, 2nd ed., with Salli Raspberry).


§          "Focus On Software," The Office, monthly software review column.


§          Feature articles for national periodicals such as Working Woman, Macintosh Business Review, Truly Portable Computers; Book reviews in Shambhala Sun, Tricycle, AHP Perspective, Journal of Management Consulting; articles in numerous local periodicals.


Public Speaker
(20 Years)


§          Talks, panels, lectures, book signings, and other public presentations on a wide variety of topics from small business management to Zen Buddhism.


Public Lectures



October 1998 – Institute for Transpersonal Psychology – Menlo Park, California

§          "Using Mindfulness to Find Meaningful Work"

November 1996 – Bay Area Organizational Development Network – San Francisco

§          "Bohmian Dialogue on Opening Up to Spirit at Work”

October 1996 – Sacramento Buddhist Meditation Society – Sacramento, California

§          "Using Mindfulness to Find Meaningful Work”

June 1996 – Saybrook Graduate SchoolSan Francisco

§          "The End of Work, The Reinvention of Work, Own Work, Future Work and Good Work: Practical Steps”

1995 – Nyingma Institute – Berkeley, California

§          "Relationship of Mindfulness to Meaningful Work”

1995 – Center for the Future of Organizations, California School of Professional Psychology – Oakland, California

§          "Mindfulness and Meaningful Work” (Part of "An Evening Series for Business Thinkers: Where do we need to go? How do we get there from here?" Others speakers in the series included: Willis Harman, Dennis Jaffe, Michael Ray, Mary Scott, Terry Pearce, Edgar Schein. )

1995 – College of Notre Dame de DamurBelmont, California

§          "Right Livelihood and Ethics”

1995 - Institute for Creation Spirituality, Holy Names College, Oakland, California

§          "Mindfulness and Meaningful Work"

1994 - San Francisco Bay Area Book Festival (panel) – San Francisco

§          "Heart and Soul in the Work Place"

1993 - International Conference on Healthy Cities – San Francisco

§          "Healthy Business for Healthy Communities"

1994 – The Eric Berne Seminar – San Francisco

§          "A Taoist View of Time”

1992 – The Eric Berne Seminar – San Francisco

§          "What Is Right Livelihood?”

1989 – The Eric Berne Seminar – San Francisco

§          "Intuition and Livelihood”

1992 – Experience Unlimited, California Employment Development Department

§          "Is Right Livelihood Possible in These Hard Times?,"

1991 – Haas School of Business, University of CaliforniaBerkeley

§          "Working for Yourself versus Getting a Job”

1991 – School of Broadcast Communication Arts, San Francisco State University

§          "A Network Of Friends In Business: Origins, Purpose, and Present Status of the Briarpatch Society,"


Entrepreneurial Experience



Co-founder, Chief Information Officer and Chief Community Strategist

The University of the Future LLC, San Francisco, January 1997 to present


§          FutureU™ is a consulting firm serving both business and academia and specializing in organizational learning. Services range from needs assessment, curriculum development, and evaluation to the application of innovative delivery venues, such as the Internet and off-site learning expeditions; a catalog of online and face-to-face learning opportunities for leadership development and professional advancement; and a clearinghouse for business educators and organizational consultants whose common bond is their expertise in leading-edge ideas and best practices.

Founder and Director,

The Center for Good Work, San Francisco, January 1987 to present

§          Provide advice and training on marketing, management, and meaningful work. Client base of 300 small businesses and community organizations and nearly 500 individuals, primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area. Offer periodic workshop series on values-based management for small organizations. Provide career transition guidance for individuals seeking a values-based work life. Offer periodic workshop series on livelihood issues. Provide advice and resource referrals to 400+ alumni.

Founding Program Director, Master of Arts in Business Program

California Institute of Integral Studies. San Francisco, California, May 1993 to June 1995

§          (See listing under "Educational Administration Experience")


Research & Planning for Business, San Francisco, 1986-1987

§          As partner in market research firm, participated fully in all aspects of work, including sales, proposal preparation, research, analysis, and reports. Learned and utilized the market research techniques of one-on-one interviews and focus groups. Developed two-step proactive marketing program for partnership involving mail solicitation with follow-up telemarketing. Created and published quarterly newsletter. Produced special promotional events. Responsible for creation and maintenance of computer systems for survey analysis, document processing, and accounting. Developed personnel and policy manual. Supervised one employee in the operation of the business and various subcontractors in the execution of projects. Clients included Apple Computer, Fujitsu America, Hibernia Bank, Pacific Bell, Southland Corporation.

Director of Value-Added Services

Softyme, Inc., San Francisco, California, 1983-1985

§          Recruited as independent consultant to help build management team for high-tech start-up specializing in distribution of software over high-speed telephone data lines. Designed and created Value-Added Services department to provide customer and supplier support services. Managed department during critical start-up phase. Answered directly to the Vice-President of Value Added Services and CEO. Stood in for V.P. at Board and company meetings when necessary. Created management and reporting systems. Recruited and hired staff. Directly supervised three employees. Provided meeting facilitation and technical and training support for all departments.


Noren Institute, San Francisco, California, 1983-1988

§          Provided consulting service to small businesses on the issues of bookkeeping, marketing, and growth management. Worked with client base of 200 small businesses, primarily in San Francisco. Developed twice yearly workshop series on honest management for small businesses. Created newsletter and lecture series as promotional vehicles. Provided resource referral service for 150+ alumni. Major consulting client was Research & Planning for Business (above), which led to a partnership in January 1986.

President & CEO

Living Lightly, Inc., San Francisco, California, 1980-1983

§          Chairman of the Board, General Manager, and 10% shareholder in corporation. Managed 3,000 ft2 alternative energy/appropriate technology retail store. Duties included bookkeeping, purchasing, sales, new product research and testing, marketing and promotion. Store specialized in reasonably priced, environmentally safe products for energy conservation and city living. Inventory included energy efficient wood burning stoves, demand hot water heaters, energy saving space heaters, water and energy saving devices, energy saving kitchen items and appliances, nomadic furniture for city dwellers, organic gardening supplies, tools, books, and outdoor gear. Developed unique marketing approach which included classes on "Organic Gardening in The City," "Home Canning," and "Energy Conservation for City Dwellers." Primary responsibility for design and implementation of systems and procedures that allowed the store to grow from $50,000 annual sales to $300,000, in nine months. Supervised seven employees and three assistant managers.


Special Services, San Rafael, California, 1979-1984

§          Started and operated successful one-person distribution company selling same products as Living Lightly retail store (above) but with special focus on energy efficient wood-burning stoves.

General Manager

E.V. Warehousing, San Leandro, California, 1977-1979

§          Designed and implemented management and traffic control systems for 10,000 ft2 public warehouse, including systems and forms design, and employee supervision and training. Supervised three full-time and 20 part-time employees. Developed liquidation system for surplus goods.

President & CEO

Harmony, Inc., Santa Rosa, California, 1975-1976

§          One-third owner of corporation. Duties as secretary/treasurer of corporation. General manager of 2600 ft2 natural cosmetics manufacturing facility. Duties included bookkeeping, purchasing, production management, shipping, sales, product development, label design. Mostly private label contracts and institutional sales. Supervised two employees and personally handled 30 retail accounts.




Business Analyst Experience



Social Weaver

On-Line Community of Inquiry and Practice:  Meaning and Wholeness in the Virtual Workplace

Awakening Technology, Lake Oswego, Oregon. February 1996 to October 1996

§          Working with a group of 50 corporate managers and consultants from around the country to experiment with deepening the connections possible through groupware-supported communications over the Internet. Responsibility for getting to know participants, helping them feel safe and welcome, acknowledged, expected. And after they are comfortable, helping them connect with each other in powerful ways that support their individual and group quests. Since the project is conducted on-line we will have an automatic documentary record of our experiment which we will then analyze and report to the professional literature. (Awakening Technology’s founders, Peter and Trudy Johnson-Lenz coined the term “groupware” in 1978[1]


Associate Professor, Master of Arts in Business Program

California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, California, May 1993 to June 1995

§          Conducted ongoing research into the teaching and learning practices of transformative learning utilizing the qualitative research tools of action inquiry, empowerment evaluation, ethnographic auditing, and ethnography. Designed and participated in self-evaluation studies of faculty and director roles, programs, and school.



Briarpatch Network,  San Francisco, California. 1984 to present

§          Conduct periodic financial and demographic survey of membership. Designed and implemented a qualitative study to measure characteristics of success. Supervised five apprentices in the collection and analysis of data.



Research & Planning for Business, San Francisco, California, 1985-1987

§          Conducted qualitative market research for corporations such as Apple Computer, Fujitsu America, Hibernia Bank, Pacific Bell, Southland Corporation. Participated fully in proposal preparation, research, analysis, and reports. Produced special promotional events with built-in market research component. Developed computerized survey analysis. Supervised one employee in the operation of the business and various subcontractors in the execution of projects.



Teaching Experience



May-June, 2007 – King Abdul-Aziz University – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

§          “Educational Technologies for Online and Blended Learning”

December 2006 – FutureU – Virtual Campus

§          The Art (Not the Science) of Teaching Online

September 2006 – FutureU – Virtual Campus

§          See It! Feel It! Do It! Learn It Online!
Accommodating Learning Intake Styles in the Online Classroom

Winter, Spring, 2006 – Dominican University of California

§          Learning Online - The Student View (student orientation to online learning)

§          Build and Teach a Blended Learning Course (faculty training offered in Winter, Spring)

Summer, Fall 2005 – Dominican University of CaliforniaSan Rafael

§          Learning Online - The Student View (student orientation to online learning)

§          If you build it, will they come?
What’s possible with technology in the classroom? (faculty orientation)

§          Build and Teach a Blended Learning Course (faculty training offered in Summer, Fall)

November 2005 – FutureU – Virtual Campus

§          See It! Feel It! Do It! Learn It Online!
Accommodating Learning Intake Styles in the Online Classroom

2002-2003 – NASA Astrobiology Institute, Moffett Field, California

§          “WebEx Pilot: Encouraging the Use of Real-Time Meeting Software “



Teaching Experience



2000 – FutureU – San Francisco

§          "Virtual Teams: Learning and Communicating Online,"

§                    "Teaching and Training Online,"

2000 – RealChange Network

§          "Virtual Teams: Learning and Communicating Online"

2000 – FutureU – San Francisco

§          "Virtual Teams: Learning and Communicating Online,"

§          "Teaching and Training Online,"

1999 – 10th International Conference on Teaching and Learning - Jacksonville, FL

§          "Creating an Online Course Using Web Course in a Box: Introduction"

§          "Creating an Online Course Using Web Course in a Box: Advanced"

1998 – Resource Renewal Institute – San Francisco

§          "Leadership Components for the Green Plans Training Program"

1998 – Saybrook Graduate School – San Francisco

§          "Internet Learning for Students."  (student orientation)

§          "Teaching and Training Online"

1997 - Holy Names CollegeOrinda, California

§          "Corporate Policy and Ethics"

1997 – ACCORD Organizational Development Network, Toronto, Ontario

§          "Using Mindfulness to Find Meaningful Work"

1996 to present – American Hospital Association's Health Forum – San Francisco

The Fellowship for Creating a Healthier Community

§          "Building an On-Line Learning Community: Dynamics, Space, Leadership, Participation "

§          "Developing Sustainable Community Leadership"

§          "Personal Mastery: The Path to Organizational Transformation"

§          "Transformational Leadership and Systems Thinking"

1995-1998 – Renaissance Entrepreneurship CenterSan Francisco

§          "Understanding Financial Statements,"

§          “Financial Management: Techniques & Strategies"

1993-1996 – California Institute of Integral Studies – San Francisco

§          "Using the On-line Classroom: Computer Mediated Adult Learning"

§          "Adult Learning: The Art and Science of Transformation "

§          "Starting and Running a Small Business"

§          "Systems Thinking in Management and Organizations"

§          "Management and Organization Theory: A Global Perspective"

§          "Live Your Values, And Still Pay the Bills"

§          "Leadership and Organizational Transformation"

§          "Career Choices: Marketing Your Master of Arts in Business"

§          "Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Empowerment and Creativity in Business"

1993 – McKinnon School of Massage – Oakland, California

§          "The ABCs of Starting and Running Your Own Healing Arts Business

1993 – Goddard College, Center for Business and Democracy – Plainfield, Vermont

§          "Starting a Values-Focused Business"

§          "Values-Focused Management”

1992 – Writer’s Connection – Cupertino, California

"Do What You Love, & Still Pay the Bills: Running a One-Person Writing Business”

1992 – Heald Business College – San Francisco

§          "Introduction to Microcomputers”

§          "Basic Keyboarding”

1990 – The Center for Good Work – San Francisco

§          "Building Support For Right Livelihood

§          "Breaking Through to Good Work,"

§          "Running a One-Person Business,"

1990 – Western Alliance of Arts Administrators – Seattle, Washington

§          "Grassroots Marketing"

1989-1990 – Whole Earth ‘Lectronic Link

§          "The One-Person Business Conference on the WELL"

1989 – Thousand Island Institute – Kingston, Ontario

§          "The Knack of Running Your Own Contracting Business"

1989 - Institute for Cross Cultural Research -  San Francisco

§          "Moon-Finger Zen: Direct Pointing At Reality (an experiential workshop in Zen Buddhism)" 

1987 to 1993 – Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center – San Francisco

§          "Financials By Computer"

§          “Managing Projects”

§          “Time Management”

§          “Choosing Technology”

§          “Financial Projections”

1984-1989 – Noren Institute – San Francisco

§          “Running A One-Person Business”

§          “Marketing Without Advertising”

§          "Honest Management I: When Personnel Matter"

§          "Honest Management II: Growth Management"

§          "Fun In Business"

§          "Honest Selling"

§          "Honest Consulting"

§          "Alternative Ways to Finance Your Business"

Summer 1984 – Nourishment for Life Network (Narings Liv) Workshop Tour – Sweden

§          “New Ways Of Doing Business," Stockholm

§          "Honest Management," Karlstadt

§          "The Impact Of Computers On Small Business," Tröllhaten

§          "Business Networks," Kramförs


Additional Business Teaching Experience



1985-1990 – Corporate Trainer

Various corporate clients, including Pacific Bell, Fujitsu America, Softyme, etc.

§          "Using Telecommunications,"

§          "Operating Systems Basics,"

§          "Computer Equipment Basics,"

§          "Basic Computer Literacy,"


1985-1986 - Manager & Senior Instructor – New College of California, San Francisco

Learning Resource Center

§          In-house computing program for faculty, staff, and students. Conducted feasibility study, designed and implemented business plan to make center self-supporting and accessible to the community at large. Planned and marketed bi-lingual (English and Spanish) curriculum, recruited instructors, created policy manual, and developed membership program.



Overview of Business Education Experience



Graduate, Post Graduate, and Private Business Education Programs for which Claude Whitmyer has acted as Advisor, Teacher, or Administrator:

§          American Hospital Association’s Health Forum  - Chicago, Illinois

§  Fellowship in Creating Healthier Communities

§  Accelerating Community Transformation Project

§          California Institute of Integral Studies - MA in Business (MAB) Program - San Francisco, California

§          Holy Names College – Master of Business Administration - Orinda, California

§          Kaos Pilots University - Aarhus, Denmark

§          Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chausées - Master of International Business (MBA) -

§          Paris, France

§          New College of California  - Master of Arts in Business Development Committee -

§          San Francisco, California

§          Noren Institute - San Francisco, California

§          Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center - San Francisco, California

§          Saybrook Graduate School - San Francisco, California

§          The New Business Academy - Dartington, Devon, Great Britain

§          University of Bristol - Master of Business Administration - Bristol, England

§          University of Phoenix Online Campus - Center for Professional Education - San Francisco, California



Educational Administration Experience


Project Manager and Curriculum Consultant

Center for Professional Education, University of Phoenix Online, 1996-97

§          Designed, developed, and implemented corporate training modules and specific certificate programs in "Strategic Human Resource Practices," "Strategic Management Practices," and "Strategic Information Systems Practices." Conducted qualitative market research to determine content needs of potential clients. Designed curriculum outlines. Worked with faculty teams to develop course curriculum. Conducted roll-out pilot programs.


Founding Program Director, Master of Arts in Business Program

California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, 1993 to 1995

§          Created graduate-level academic program in social entrepreneurship and socially responsible business management, emphasizing "new paradigm" management practices.. Worked with 35-member community advisory group to design business plan and curriculum. Developed curriculum; marketed program; recruited students; hired and supervised one full-time and two half-time faculty members, six adjunct faculty members, and three dozen guest lecturers; hired and supervised program staff (including program coordinator and part-time administrative staff). Worked with School for Transformative Learning faculty to design and implement collaborative governance structures, quality assurance policies, and internal research program. Fulfilled all academic and professional roles.



Pacific Bell San Francisco and San Ramon, 1986-1987

§          As independent consultant, created training programs for key managers in Corporate Communications department. Designed and created massive stakeholder database and trained managers to act as liaisons with key stakeholder populations. In consultation with Corporate Communications department managers, designed and lead implementation of two small-business trade shows conceived to position Pacific Bell as a small business advocate. Trade shows included more than 100 floor vendors and dozens of small business workshops.


Learning Resource Center Manager

New College of California, San Francisco, 1985-1986

§          As independent consultant, primary responsibility for development of academic computing program for faculty, staff, and students. Conducted feasibility study, designed and implemented business plan to make center self-supporting and accessible to the community at large. Planned and marketed curriculum, recruited instructors, created policy manual, and developed membership program.



Noren Institute, San Francisco, 1984-1989

§          Full management responsibility for school. Developed twice yearly workshop series on honest management for small businesses using "action learning team" or "learning expedition" format. Provided resource referral service for 150+ alumni.





Formal Education







Continuing Education





University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, 1972 to 1973

§          Four quarters of course work toward Ph.D. in Psychology

University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 1972

§          Bachelor of Arts, Psychology


Training and Development

§          One hundred and thirty-one (131) classroom hours of formal training in group process, meeting facilitation (including the "Interaction"™ method), and meeting technology (including "Group Graphics"™). Forty-two (42) classroom and field hours of formal training in "ropes course" methodology, improvisation, mediation, negotiation, conflict resolution, seminar and workshop development and promotion, film and video production, basic photography, graphic and printing technology, and non-fiction writing


Business Management

§          Fifty-seven (57) classroom hours of formal training in project management, marketing information systems (MKIS), time management, accounting, and business finance and planning.


Computer and Systems Analysis

§          Seventy-two (72) classroom hours of formal training, including

§          Integrating PCs into the Corporate Environment

§          Fundamentals of Computerizing a Business

§          Business Computer Selection

§          Fundamentals of Data Processing

§          Systems Analysis

§          Database and File Structures

§          Data Storage Devices

§          Input/output Devices

§          IBM Operating Systems and Software

§          Wang Operating System and Software


§          Pick Operating System and Software

§          Computer Languages

§          BASIC

§          FORTRAN

§          COBOL




Web Authoring, Development, and Management

§          One hundred and sixty-four (164) hours of online training, including:

§  Certificate in Web Development (New Jersey Institute of Technology)

§  Certificate in Web Authoring (New Jersey Institute of Technology)

§  Intro JavaScript, Intro Style Sheets, Intro HTML, Intro CGI (International Webmasters Association)


Software Tools (*=some skill; **=moderate skill; ***=advanced skill)

Web-Course Management Software
(aka Learning Management Software, Content Management Software)

§          Blackboard ***

§          Convene **

§          Etudes **

§          eCollege**

§          FirstClass ***

§          Moodle***

§          Nicenet ***

§          Web Course in a Box ***

§          WebCT ***

§          VirtualU ***

§          Mambo*

§          Joomla**

§          Drupal**

§          phpNuke**

§          WordPress**


Web Page Authoring Tools

§          Adobe Homesite ***

§          Adobe Pagemill*

§          Claris Homepage**

§          CSE HTML Validator**

§          DataViz Conversions Plus***

§          DeltaPoint Quicksite ***

§          Graphic Workshop **

§          Hot Dog***

§          HTML Powertools ***

§          Intranet Designshop **

§          LinkBot ***

§          LiveImage ***

§          Microsoft Front Page*


§          Net Objects Fusion **

§          Netscape Composer **

§          Screen Thief **

§          SnagIt***

§          WSFTP ***

§          Wisebot. . .*

§          Xenu Link Sleuth***


Multi-Media Authoring Tools

§          SnagIt***

§          LView Pro**

§          IrfanView***

§          Paintshop Pro**

§          Windows Picture Manager

§          Picasa

§          Adobe Acrobat***

§          Adobe ImageReady**

§          Adobe ImageStyler***


§          Adobe Premier*

§          Camtasia Studio**

§          Windows Movie Maker*

§          Audacity**

§          LAME**

§          WinAmp**


Selected Publications



E-Books/Web Books:



§          Bargain Hunter's Guide to Building Your Own Course Web Site. (with Gail Terry Grimes). FutureU, 2001.

§          Make the Most of Learning Online. (with Gail Terry Grimes). FutureU, 2000.

§          Make the Most of Teaching Online. (with Gail Terry Grimes). FutureU, 2000.

§          Choosing Course Management Software: A Decision Maker's Tool. (with Gail Terry Grimes). FutureU, 1999.


Print Books:



§          Running A One-Person Business. (with Salli Rasberry). Ten Speed Press, 1989, 1994 (2nd ed. ).


Editor and contributor

§          Mindfulness and Meaningful Work: Explorations in Right Livelihood. Parallax Press, 1994.

§          In the Company of Others: Making Community in the Modern World. J.P. Tarcher, 1993.


Selected Articles/Chapters:


§          “Identifying the Social and Technical Requirements for NAI as a Successful Virtual Organization,” Astrobiology, Vol. 2, No. 4, Winter 2004, p. 643.

§          “Overcoming the Social and Technical Challenges to Virtual Scientific Collaboration: The Birth of the NASA Astrobiology Institute as a Community of Practice,” Buletinul Stiintific al UniversitatiiPolitehnica” din Timisoara, ROMANIA, Seria AUTOMATICA si CALCULATOARE, PERIODICA POLITECHNICA, Transactions on AUTOMATIC CONTROL and COMPUTER SCIENCE, Vol.49 (63), 2004, ISSN 1224-600X.

§           “Identifying the Social and Technical Requirements for NAI as a Successful Virtual Organization,” Abstracts from the General Meeting of the NASA Astrobiology Institute, Feb. 10-12, 2003, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona.

§          "Doing Well By Doing Good," in Whitmyer, Claude F. (ed.) Mindfulness and Meaningful Work: Explorations in Right Livelihood. Berkeley: Parallax Press, 1994.

§          "Using Mindfulness to Find Meaningful Work," in Whitmyer, Claude F. (ed.) Mindfulness and Meaningful Work: Explorations in Right Livelihood. Berkeley: Parallax Press, 1994.

§          "Waking Up to the Company of Others," in Whitmyer, Claude F. (ed.) In the Company of Others: Making Community in the Modern World. Los Angeles: J.P. Tarcher, 1993.

§          "Community: Lost, Saved, Liberated," in Whitmyer, Claude F. (ed.) In the Company of Others: Making Community in the Modern World. Los Angeles: J.P. Tarcher, 1993.

§          "Revisiting the Briarpatch," Real Goods Trading Catalog, Fall, 1994.

§          "Fun and the One-Person Business," Open Exchange, October/November/December, 1990.

§          "Building Support for Right Livelihood," Common Ground Resource Directory, Summer 1990.

§          "Working With Independent Contractors Can Be a Good Idea," Skonie Corporation Newsletter, Sept. 1989.

§          "Getting The Tools to Make The Office Hum," Working Woman, January, 1989.

§          "Measuring Productivity," Macintosh Business Review, September, 1988 (cover/feature story).


Selected Reviews:


§          "Success Without College: Why Your Child May Not Have to Go to College Right Now--and May Not Have to Go at All," AHP Perspective, October/November 2001.

§          "The Warrior: Living the Fourfold Way" written and narrated by Angeles Arrien (Wisdom Circles CD series)" AHP Perspective, June/July 2000.

§          "Job Shift by William Bridges," Journal of Management Consulting, Vol. 9, No. 3, May 1997.

§          "Merchants of Vision by James Liebig," Journal of Management Consulting, Vol. 9, No. 2, Nov. 1996.

§          "Instructions to the Cook by Bernard Glassman & Rick Fields," Shambhala Sun, April, 1996.

§          "Skillful Means by Tarthang Tulku," The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog, 1994.

§          "Home Office Computing," The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog, 1994.

§          "Small Business Accounting Programs," The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog, 1994.

§          "Sideline Business," The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog, 1994.

§          "The Republic of Tea by Bill Rosensweig, Mel & Patricia Ziegler," Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, Vol. II, No. 2, Spring 1993.




§          "Focus On Software," The Office, April 1987 to November 1993 (monthly software reviews).


Article/Book Referee:


§          Learning and Work: An exploration in industrial ethnography, Garland Publishing, New York, 1995.

§          Human Organization, Society for Applied Anthropology, Temple Terrace, Florida, 1993-1994.

§          Journal of Business Ethics, Kluwer Academic Publications, Dordecht, Holland, 1992.


Work In Progress:


§          Entrenaut: A Guide for Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, Free Agents and other Enterprise Builders.

§          E-Learning: A Guide to Teaching and Learning Online.

§          Working for Yourself: The Ultimate Security.

§          Making Peace With Business: Social Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century.


With Gail Terry Grimes:

§          Planning to Stay Together: Building Relationship on a Foundation of Truth and Trust

§          The Path to Meaningful Work: Using Mindfulness and Creativity to Manage Your Career



Client Analysis

US Client locations include:










New Mexico

New York




Puerto Rico


South Carolina




International Client/Student locations include:









Grand Cayman

Great Britain






South Africa




The market segments consulted are:


Gender: 59% Women

Race: 11% People of Color


Business Sector:

17% Non-profit

20% Retail

13% Wholesale

06% Manufacturing

39% Service


Business Size:

23% Major corporations

77% Small Business or Non-profits


Of the Small Organizations:

36% One-person businesses




The issues consulted on are:


42% Management

28% Marketing

21% Personnel

18% Mail-order

37% Computer

37% Vocational (Good Work) Guidance



Representative List of Clients


§          Apple Computer, Cupertino, California

§          Fujitsu America, Inc., San Jose, California

§          Hibernia Bank, San Francisco, California

§          Pacific Bell, Corporate Communications, San Francisco (Now part of ATT)



§          Alameda County Housing Authority, Hayward, California

§          NASA Astrobiology Institute, Moffett Field, California



§          American Hospital Association’s Health Forum, San Francisco, California

§          Clement Street Counseling Center, San Francisco, California

§          Independent Bankers of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado

§          Institute for the Human Environment, Business Development, Sausalito, California

§          Institute for Foretagsutveckling, Business Development, Trollhattan, Sweden

§          Kursbyn Korpberget, Psychotherapy Cooperative, Kramfors, Sweden

§          Pickle Family Circus, San Francisco, California


Small Business

§          Barbara Blake, Landscape Contractor, San Francisco, California

§          Brush Dance, Recycled Paper Greeting Card Manufacturer, Sausalito, California

§          Creative Catering, San Francisco, California

§          Frame of Mind, Framing Business, San Francisco, California

§          Gaia Bookstore and Community Center, Berkeley, California

§          Hummingbird Associates, Dental Practice Consulting, Bainbridge Island, Washington

§          Off the Loom, Tapestry Manufacturer, San Francisco, California & Oaxaca, Mexico

§          Page & Turnbull, Architects, San Francisco, California

§          Real Goods Trading Company, Alternative Energy Products, Santa Rosa, California

§          Yana Parker, Damn Good Resume Service, Oakland, California


Consulting Groups

§          Growth Management Center, Truckee, California

§          Sibbet Associates, Strategic Visioning Consulting, San Francisco, California

§          WDHB, Inc., Educational Consultants, Lafayette, California

§          Real Change Network, Aptos, California

§          San Francisco SPCA, San Francisco, California

§          Sea Trek Ocean Kayaking, Sausalito, California

§          Sunflower Compositaers, Word processing, San Francisco, California

§          Swift Cycles, Bicycle Manufacturer, Sausalito, California



§          KaosPilots University, Management Training, Aarhus, Denmark

§          King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

§          California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, California

§          McKinnon School of Massage, Oakland, California

§          New College of California, San Francisco, California

§          Saybrook Graduate School, , San Francisco, California

§          Missouri State University, Springfield, Missouri

§          Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Arecibo, Arecibo, Puerto Rico

§          University of Phoenix, Online Campus San Francisco


Representative Community Service



Member, Board of Advisors, Baltimore, Maryland, February 1996 to 2006

§          Pro-bono service as advisor to an on-line business cooperative designed to provide both "push" and "pull" marketing for ideas promulgated by its members. Members represent a wide spectrum of leading edge thinking in the areas of education, health, society, art, philosophy, psychology, environment, community, and science. ReAL's mission is to raise awareness of the quality of life that is possible when (1) individuals who have "followed their bliss" are given powerful business tools and services, (2) when society changes its focus from unconscious consumerism of things to conscious creation of experiences, (3) when community and environment are honored, and (4) when businesses with similar values are interlinked to create an alternative marketplace.


Shared Resources

Member, Board of Directors, Desert Palms, California, 1995 to 2006

§          Pro-bono service as director to educational organization whose charter is to "add value to life and business through information, learning, and collaboration." Shared resources currently produces satellite lectures with such notables as Peter Senge, Jack Stack, and Margaret Wheatley.


Center for the Future of Organizations

Advisory Group Member, Alameda, California, 1995 to 1998

§          Pro-bono service as advisor to educational organization that offers public programs on issues of organizational transformation and the future of the workplace.


Awakening Technology

Social Weaver, Community of Inquiry and Practice, February through October 1996

§          Collaborate in the facilitation of the on-line Community of Inquiry and Practice on Meaning and Wholeness in the Virtual Workplace, sponsored by Peter and Trudy Johnson-Lenz, pioneers in the development and application of groupware and computer assisted learning and change.


The New Business Academy

Invited Advisor/Consultant, Schumacher College, Dartington, Devon, UK, 1994

§          Served as representative of the "alternative business training" view to gathering of two-dozen academics and business people from England to design a new approach to graduate business education.


Brush Dance

Member, Board of Directors, Mill Valley, California,1990 to 1996

§          Pro-bono service as director to recycled paper products company.


Thousand Islands Institute

Member, Board of Directors, Kingston, Ontario, 1989 to Present

§          Pro-bono service as director to owner-builder school serving the Ontario/New York region.


Graduate Business Program, School for Transformative Learning

Member Advisory Group, California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, 1992 to 1994

§          Advisor to Dean of the School and member of a committee to develop a graduate degree program in business management and entrepreneurship utilizing emancipatory learning practices.


CompuMentor, San Francisco, 1988 to 1990

Secretary/Treasurer, Board of Directors

§          Founding board member and treasurer for non-profit organization that matches volunteer computer experts with non-profits that need computer help. This original techie self-help non-profi9t has been modeled across the nation.


Apprentice Alliance

Vice-President/Treasurer, Board of Directors, San Francisco, California, 1985 to 1990

§          Founding board member and officer. The AA matches those who wish to acquire technical and artistic skills with those who have the expertise to teach them. During my tenure, the Alliance was granted the "Best Social Inventions" Award for 1987 by the Institute for Social Inventions, London.


Common Good School

Member, Organizing Team, San Francisco, 1982-1984

§          Served as team member in the creation of a training school for community organizers.



Example Professional Affiliations

(most not current)


Briarpatch (current)


American Anthropological Association

American Booksellers Association

American Society for Training and Development

Association for Humanistic Psychology

Institute of Management Consultants

National Coalition of Independent Scholars

Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness



Personal Interests/Hobbies



Computers and the WEB





Tai Chi & Chi Kung




Lisa Faithorn, Ph.D.

NASA Astrobiology Institute




Paul Terry

Paul Terry & Associates



David Fetterman, Ph.D.

School of Education

Stanford University