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David Fetterman, Ph.D.


Dr. Fetterman pictureDavid M. Fetterman, Ph.D. is a Professor and Director of the MA Policy Analysis and Evaluation Program in the School of Education at Stanford University. Formerly, he was a Principal Research Scientist at the American Institutes for Research. He received his Ph.D. in Medical and Educational Anthropology from Stanford University. David has conducted evaluations on the national, state, and local level in academic, business, and social service settings. He has received numerous awards for his evaluation work, including the Myrdal Award for Evaluation Practice - the American Evaluation Association's highest honor. David has extensive online teaching experience and has developed a number of research and educations courses for partial or complete online delivery. He consults for a variety of federal agencies, foundations, corporations, and academic institutions.

David is a past-President of the American Evaluation Association. In addition, he is a past president of the American Anthropological Association's Council on Anthropology and Education. Formerly, Fetterman served as a senior administrator at Stanford, a Senior Researcher at RMC Research Corporation, and a Director of an Anti-poverty program.

Currently he is developing a new form of evaluation called empowerment evaluation which is designed to help people help themselves.

Fetterman is the General Editor for Garland/Francis & Taylor Publication's Studies in Education and Culture series. He has contributed to a variety of encyclopedias including the International Encyclopedia of Education and the Encyclopedia of Human Intelligence. He is the author of the following books: Speaking the Language of Power: Communication, Collaboration, and Advocacy, Ethnography: Step by Step, Qualitative Approaches to Evaluation in Education: The Silent Scientific Revolution, Excellence and Equality: A Qualitatively Different Perspective on Gifted and Talented Education, Educational Evaluation: Ethnography in Theory, Practice, and Politics, and Ethnography in Educational Evaluation.

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